Zilli Fall/ Winter 2019/20: A Trip To The Renaissance B.F.F.

Review by QC Humphrey

Let’s step into the renaissance painting by Pisanello “The Vision of Saint Eustace” which is a scene depicting Saint Eustace as a huntsman dressed in court fashion in the forest with birds in the air while the deer graze.  This is the way to appreciate and applaud the capsule collection of Zilli, which was presented yesterday.

A true work of fashion art and Italian craftsmanship on deer skin leather, the creative inspired pieces are artistic in design from the outstanding hand-painted, slim fit leather jackets of deer, swans, and forests landscapes, to the embossed crest of a Goliath lion/dragon on the back of a black deer-skin leather jacket with fur collar trim.

The Fashion Plate
The “Goliath” jacket by Zilli. (photo: Zilli)

The latter jacket is a replica from an earlier design circa 1983, created for the store opening of Zilli in London. The same style is created with a Cheetah in gold lamé. Also of note is a hand-painted white leather vest inspired by the artist Giovanni Degrassi.

The Fashion Plate
A special printed white leather vest inspired by the artist Giovanni Degrassi. (photo: Zilli)

This capsule collection is a limited edition of twelve pieces per jacket and is a must-have for the man who understands style, luxury and the importance of quality leather fabric.

The main collection for Zilli is sustainable, slow and ethical because of the craftsmanship and how they obtain the deer skin to create their collections. The deer skin is the primary textile, and it is lightweight with most designs and accessories featured in black matte, which gives it a true statement of masculinity.

The statement piece for the collection is a deer-skin leather jacket with a cashmere lining that resembles Sherpa. I felt the softness, warmth, and luxury of cashmere with the distinctive characteristics of Sherpa.  This cashmere lining is their own creation, and a closely held secret of how it is created.

To finish out the collection are Zilli’s wool and silk fabric combination jackets that feel as soft as cashmere.  The simple touch of the zipped cuffs give the jacket an additional detail of elegance. The wool/silk outerwear has a slight shine, and the inside silk lining features a beautiful print with “Zilli” displayed with sophistication.

When I left Zilli, I had to leave the renaissance, however the time travel was worth it as I walked out of the showroom thinking of the “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli.

Title Acronym: B.F.F. – Before Fast Fashion
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