Art Basel Miami 2018 Recap.

Earlier this month Art Basel Miami Beach capped off a fresh 17th edition. This season artists examined the pressing issues our world faces. Many young social artists managed to infuse an austere visual language with gripping physicality.

The Fashion Plate
Anahita Razmi “New Silk Road Patterns 2 Beijing” (photo: courtesy image)

Our editors covered not only the main Art Basel show but a dozen satellite art fairs from Untitled to Context, Scope, and beyond.

Prominent trends amongst the artwork were bright neons, optical illusions, and soft sensuality.

The Fashion Plate
Shanel Miller “Corey” (photo: courtesy image)

Exceptional artists favored among the younger crowd included Shantel Miller, Joyce J. Scott, and Bayne Peterson. Highlights from the shows included Prada’s Freehand installation of forgotten stories in American history spotlighting African American heritage. Luka Sabbat debuted a new “Hot Mess” exhibition titled FREE MONEY, an “in-depth look at how capitalistic values are woven into the American cultural fabric. Solo artists like Isabelle Fein made a splash with her glossy ceramics featured at Jack Hanley Gallery, and there was a massive unauthorized Bansky show in a warehouse space, the largest collective exhibit of his works ever shown in the U.S.

The Fashion Plate
Isabelle Fein “Sunrise Glossy” (photo: courtesy image)

But part of the joy in attending Art Basel is making new discoveries. Below are 123 highlights from the booths.

Pop Life

41 artworks inspired from popular and mass media culture, ranging from advertising to mundane cultural objects.

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The Power of Color

23 artworks created expressly to establish individuality and flair.

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Life Moments

26 artworks focused on how our world shapes who we are and how who we are shapes our world.

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Work On Paper

12 contemporary art works on paper showing invention and ingenuity.

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21 artists that want to be seen and heard.

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