The Calder House: A Modern Ski Retreat For Sport Enthusiasts And Nature Lovers.

The Calder House is a new contemporary ski resort perfect for nature lovers and winter sports enthusiasts.

The new development is located in the bustling ski scene in the city of Jackson, Wyoming. The Calder House, a 70,000 square-foot-building, is designed by local architectural firm, Carney Logan Burke Architects (CLB). The elegant new retreat consists of six levels with a sleek exterior comprising of glass, wood paneling and regionally-sourced stone, combined with black steel accents and copper panels.

The Fashion Plate
The Caldera House (photo: courtesy Carney Logan Burke Architects)

The Caldera House includes eight luxury condominiums, an in-house gear shop, gym, spa, a private lounge and bar, the Old Yellowstone Garage restaurant, as well as a casual grab-and-go spot, designed to connect visitors with the local community.

The Fashion Plate
The Caldera House. (courtesy Carney Logan Burke Architects)

The interiors combine a casual modern aesthetic with subtle details from the old American West.

The design of two private 5,000-square-foot owners’ condominiums and four 2,000-square-foot hotel units take their cue from the idea of a modern cabin feel.

The Fashion Plate
Interiors of The Caldera House. (courtesy Carney Logan Burke Architects)

One of the private suites is styled with a sense of tradition, featuring leather and equestrian accents, and another in a more contemporary aesthetic with a nod to regional style.

Occupying the upper floors, both bedrooms offer views of the mountain and the ski village, with sliding doors that open onto decks where visitors can take in the mountains and the stars.

The high elevation, fresh and clean air, lack of light pollution, and vast stretches of visible night sky all combine to offer a crystal clear view of the galaxy. You don’t need a telescope to spot constellations, the arms of the Milky Way, or possibly even the Northern Lights.

The Fashion Plate
The Milky Way over the lake in the Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming. (photo: Shutterstock)

The four condos have white oak paneling and floors with a combination of locally sourced furnishings and high-end Italian pieces. The modern design is paired with Pendleton blankets, plaid draperies, and freestanding tubs inspired by a traditional cabin aesthetic.

Open-plan kitchens feature Heath tile and open shelving and the bedrooms include built-in beds and unique textures and prints inspired by the region.

Ski retreats like these tempt guests to unplug, snuggle into a wool sweater and shearling boots, sit by the fire, drink hot cocoa and relax.

Or ski. It’s up to you, but this is the perfect place for it.

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