Top Pre-Fall 2019 Trends.

Pre-Fall 2019 hints at hippie styles of decades past, while offering a fresh take on modern fashion. Top design’s of the season feature a poetic mix of earthy textures, bold pops of color, and romantic time periods conjuring pinterest perfect looks. Mysterious charms and casual silhouettes summon the dream of a free-spirited sporty lifestyle in nature, filled with music, art and poetry. A bohemian haven for artists, musicians, mystics and dreamers – a place where you can hide away from it all. 

If the seductive trends of Pre-Fall 2019 suit your fancy, you’ll be enchanted with the apparel styles in the TFP Shop! (more information coming soon).

The ten trends we’ve explored here capture a new carefree attitude without sacrificing planet conservation. The real question is, if these are clothes offered in the TFP Shop! which pieces would you choose?

Vivid Designs

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For Pre-Fall 2019, prints are personal. From the bold and graphic, evidenced by Collina Strada, Proenza Schouler and Schiaparelli, to the digital and acid pretty ground colors by Missoni and La Double J, the pattern story evokes sentiments of renewed femininity and beauty.

Casual Feathers

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Feathers have been a staple of peacocking fashion since the court of King Louis XIV. And thanks to Michael Kors, Preen and Valentino we have a new wave of molted bird feathers as a subtle, new, day-wear embellishment.

Baggage Carrier

The nomadic nature of the hands-free fanny pack continues to appeal to the urban sophisticate constantly in transit. For Pre-Fall 2019, designers look for more versatility through shape, style, and functionality.

Fur Friendly

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For Pre-Fall 2019 designers rediscover the warmth and personality inherent in ’70s groovy fur designs, taking on the iconic styles of the decade. Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta and Givenchy celebrate the “artifice and exaggeration” of 70s fashion presenting beautifully executed and wearable faux-fur and animal friendly furs in Mongolian lamb, shearling and eco-faux styles.

Over The Shoulder

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The body transforming wide shoulder is a tried and approved style trend, widely embraced as a new wave throwback to the classic rock and roll aesthetic.

Handkerchief Dresses

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The ethereal, bohemian silhouette of the casual silk scarf dresses made a comeback last spring. The best of the Pre-Fall 2019 collections are subtle, patterned day dresses, well tailored and elegant, not campy.

Quilted Finish

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Stylistically rebellious— the new proportions and sharp tailoring of the quilted oversize coats belted with a sash, or in a boxy, enveloping caban have become popular again. As the frost begins to spread, the feather light posh design is the go-to style.

Smooth as Silk

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The most romantic party dresses of the Pre-Fall 2019 collections are made from shimmering silk. The sculptural silhouettes enhance the form and hint at a touch of folksiness.

Tight Knits

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Sport-luxe knit is a key statement of the Pre-Fall 2019 collections. To give geometric knitwear a compelling twist, designers play with romantic forms- a little off the body, round, and curving, and then added interesting sportive details while also keeping a lot of elegance.

Cotton POP-lin

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Designers big and small turned to cotton, a natural plant based fiber, to create comfy sack dresses, smocks and sweeping prairie skirts with cool technical designs such as diagonal ruffles across the front, concealed pockets inside of a cut-out, and corset-like knotting and pinching for a lovely aesthetic.

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