New Nike X Ambush® Collection: Yoon Ahn Experiments With A Day To Night Wardrobe.

Nike x Ambush by Yoon Ahn Capsule Collection.

Yoon Ahn, co-designer of Ambush® and the director of jewelry for Dior Men, releases her first ready to wear collaboration with Nike. Over the past ten years, Yoon’s work has included single commission accessories collaborations with brands like Underground, Sacai, Mykita and Louis Vuitton. But outside of her own brand the collaboration with Nike is her first fully fledged RTW line.

The Fashion Plate
Behind the scenes, Yoon Ahn in her new capsule collection with Nike.

The new Nike X Ambush® collection is inspired, in part, by her lifestyle. Between her base in Tokyo and her work in Paris, Yoon operates on a hectic schedule by anyone’s standards. This pace inevitably defines her relationship with what she wears.

When you live a busy lifestyle, the last thing you want is to think about how your clothes are uncomfortable or not functional.

Yoon Ahn

The Nike x Ambush® collection is rooted in the new vanguard style of day to night dressing of which sportswear is a significant influence.

The new lifestyle that a lot of us live is not so fragmented. Before, how you dressed in the morning wasn’t carried into nighttime. Now we move through space and time more fluidly.

Yoon Ahn

This notion drives Yoon’s vision for a versatile, all-weather, high design collection, inclusive of two coats, a reversible track jacket (a natural wool fleece on one side, a metallic foil ripstop on the other) and a luxurious faux fur jacket. These are complemented by a DRI-Fit Stretch bodysuit, crop top and fleece pant.

The metallic foil ripstop fabric is typically waterproof, water resistant, fire resistant, and has zero porosity (will not allow air or water through), and comes in light, medium and heavy weights. It is a popular fabric due to it’s reflective effect often used as embellishment.

The Fashion Plate
Nike x Ambush by Yoon Ahn Capsule Collection.

Textures range from a soft and silk-like material to a crisp or stiff fabric that sounds like a paper bag when moved. The fabric texture for the Nike X Ambush® collection falls somewhere in between.

For their Paris release Nike and Yoon Ahn hosted a vogueing workshop titled “Paris is burning”. Yoon dressed dancers in the new collection and they put the pieces to WORK. The audience watched dancers flip, split and roll (flawless) in the new designs.

For footwear, Yoon chose to redesign the Air Max 180. Her design blends the signature runner with the Nike Air Zoom Flight design. The final look is cozy, comfortable and captures the feeling of a fully wrapped foot.

The Fashion Plate
Nike x Ambush by Yoon Ahn Capsule Collection.

The Nike x AMBUSH® apparel collection drops December 6. The Nike x AMBUSH® Air Max 180 will be available in spring 2019.

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