Artificial Intelligence Controls This Future Hotel In Hangzhou, China.

China’s new FlyZoo Hotel in Hangzhou is rumored to be an unmanned, AI controlled hospitality development created by tech giants, the Alibaba Group. The multi-international e-commerce group unveiled the new future hotel to a local media group last month.

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Guest completing a self-check in at the new AI controlled “FlyZoo hotel” in Hangzhou, China.

According to sources the hotel’s operations will rely completely on smart, interactive technologies, specifically artificial technology, to check guests in & out and to ID and remember them during their stay. Every guests details are recorded and uploaded to the country’s national public security system via the machine located in the lobby. Wang Qun, CEO of the Alibaba FlyZoo Hotel, has said that the hotel is 1.5 times more efficient than its peers and is evidence of the group’s new approach to “empowering” the hospitality industry.

The Fashion Plate
AI Technology used for Facial Recognition.

Artificial Intelligence allow guests to control indoor temperatures, lighting intensity, and household appliances through their voices. The AI management system called the “Tmall Genie.” can also carry out a number of voice-activated tasks, from ordering groceries and room-service to changing the television channel and closing the curtains.

In addition to the AI tech, robots can be found everywhere throughout the facility. They are used to help cart luggage to guests rooms and to guide guests around the hotel using recorded voice messages.

The Fashion Plate.
Guest escorted by a robot inside the FlyZoo hotel in Hangzhou, China.

The hotel will still employ humans to run housekeeping but all other guest services are controlled by AI technology and robotics.

What do you think? Are you ready for the robot invasion in hotels?

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