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New Schiaparelli “Secret” bag in Bourgogne calfskin with golden brass padlock fastening detail and adjustable strap in Bourgogne calfskin.

For the very first time Maison Schiaparelli has created a handbag titled ‘Secret‘. Fans of Schiaparelli will recognize the padlock in the shape of a coat of arms that has been featured in original Schiaparelli collections since 1931. The golden padlock has taken many forms on Elsa’s designs including as embroideries, buttons, metal clasps, jewellery, and pocket shapes.

The Fashion Plate
Designer Elsa Schiaparelli (circa 1930s)

The idea for the padlock came to the superstitious designer as a form of protection. Elsa Schiaparelli believed the padlock protects one’s precious content from the evil eye. The new ‘Secret‘ handbag has a functioning padlock that will lock the purse and keep its contents secrets.

The Fashion Plate
New Schiaparelli “Secret” bag in Bourgogne calfskin with gold-plated brass padlock fastening detail.

Each bag is made in France, has a shocking pink inside stitching with a cream nappa lining and an “S” letter subtly engraved on metal studs with Schiaparelli’s lucky number “4” as a leitmotiv.

The Secret of Schiaparelli is available through e-commerce and in Paris at 21, place Vendôme.

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