First Look: Esteban Cortazar SS19.

Esteban Cortazar SS19
Written by Lucas Pantoja

Summer, Colorful, Tropical, Natural

Which characteristics are the most dominant in our attraction to clothing? Is it the shape? Is it the texture? Or is it the size of the logo? Well, many might say the deciding factor of what’s in their wardrobe is the color, it is considerably the main instigator of feeling and emotion. In his latest Spring collection, designer Esteban Cortazar communicated the beauty of color with movement in a presentation of summer garms that’ll have fans feeling breezy all season long.

The Fashion Plate
Esteban Cortazar SS19

In dissecting the clothes on the catwalk we find many light trousers and dresses accompanied by loose drapes and blazers. Frequent materials appear to be thin linens and soft silks, perfect for those looking to feel free while lounging around the beach.

The Fashion Plate
Esteban Cortazar SS19

The key color palette is a tasteful one primarily consisting of a shiny pinkish beige, soothing white, a sunset orange, and crisp black. Some other colors which feature include an electric blue, earthy green, and platinum.

The Fashion Plate
Esteban Cortazar SS19

What standouts most is Cortazar’s ability to blend colors and arrange them in ways which will soothe ones heart.

The Fashion Plate
Esteban Cortazar SS19

Perfect for relaxing around in the sand or sipping Mojitos at the Tiki bar the style speaks of ethnic and tropical — sure to cool one’s mood during times of high temperatures come Summer 2019.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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