First Look: Cristiano Burani SS19.

Cristiano Burani SS19 (photo: courtesy Cristiano Burani)
Written by Lucas Pantoja

Flemish, Los Angeles street style, gloomy, beauty in the imperfections, one of ones

What happens, when an ambitious designer decides to reinterpret the particular image of Flemish portraiture by intertwining it with an inspiration of 2018 Los Angeles street style? Well, the final product is something new for the world, and lets face it, fashion can always use something “new”. Antique yet modern, classy yet provocative — Cristiano Burani’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection titled “Flemish Revolution” and held on the walkway entrance of Milan’s Palazzo Giureconsulti was an exotic clash of two unexpected images hailing from distinctly separate spaces.

The Fashion Plate
Cristiano Burani SS19

As the clothes floated down the runway, we are introduced to Burani’s unique interpretation of denim looks, tie dye, silk satin, and wrinkled polyamide velvet to name a few aspects of the assemblage. A major takeaway from the collection was Burani’s ability to enhance the imperfections of every garment, by having the treatments to the fabrics done all by hand, with some outlandish techniques no machine could replicate. One of which being a technique of dissolving colored chalk onto stitched pieces in order to create a crackled print full of depth and texture.

The Fashion Plate
Cristiano Burani SS19

While observing the clothes and their movements these hand done effects show and become very distinct. A peculiar color palette accompanied the garments consisting of white-black, nude-lilac, black-fuchsia, and neon yellow.

Towards the end of the collection we find a fuschia and neon yellow tie-dyed sleeveless denim suit, which is just the sort of street meets artisanal one of one fashion that I could imagine women in LA— or any fashion capital strutting down the street in.

The Fashion Plate
Cristiano Burani SS19

Gloomy and dark seemed to be the vibe, but in an attractive manner filled with much elegance. If your cup of tea is one of one clothes, to stand out amongst other wardrobes, then keep an eye out for anything Cristiano Burani.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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