First Look: Byblos SS19.

Byblos SS19
Written by Lucas Pantoja

Space age, Hippy, 70s, Techwear, Disco, Rave, Fringes

A metallic cocoon greets viewers and guests at the entrance of the Byblos Spring 2019 show as Milan fashion week kicks off. Upon entering the extraterrestrial like shell, the space underneath is an open area of reflecting metal and mirrors.

It turns out, designer Manuel Facchini’s latest collection titled “Reburn” is an homage to self-expression, based off of the Burning Man festival which takes place once a year in Nevada.

For those unfamiliar with the Burning Man festival, it has been said to be a life changing event. Unlike other music festivals it takes place in harsh desert conditions, where a temporary city is built up all year. Electronic dance music is the primary genre of artists that perform at the festival in which an estimated 70,000 people attend and take over.

And so, at a Byblos fashion show inspired by such a phenomenon, the clothes were surely to be fascinating. As the doors opened, the first look presented is a matching aqua blue tactical jacket and skirt with orange boots complimented by ruffles at the top. Covering each breasts of the jacket is two pockets, with the words “metal” and “plastic” over the flaps, this appears to be a reference to the Burning Man communities determination of picking up trash.

The Fashion Plate
Byblos SS19

Throughout the collection other waste related words can be found as well as some recycle logos.

Byblos SS19

While much of the garments are dominated by tech fashion, with diverse parkas, jumpsuits, utility pants, and work jackets — we find a bit denim and a section of light Spring dresses all painted with unique tie-dye color blends and decorated with loose multi-colored fringes.

The Fashion Plate
Byblos SS19

The color palette, similar to the setting was primarily silver, furthering the futuristic and space ambience. But besides that, the color blending which contrasted the metallic was most delightful.

Accessories stood out big-time as different chunky sneakers and space boots clunked down the runway, models complemented by terminator like sunglasses. The style left burning was a fusion of space age and Woodstock 1969.

The Fashion Plate
Byblos SS19

Facchini brought the garments that would make an early Britney Spears happy and a young 2018 raver spend their money.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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