First Look: Matty Bovan SS19.

Written by Lucas Pantoja

Surreal, fairytale, graffiti, jazz, colorful

A free form jazz quartet in the form of fashion — is the best way to summarize the Matty Bovan Spring/Summer 2019 collection. With a presentation of looks about as surreal and magical as they get, the overall vibe is something out of a fairy tale storybook.

The Fashion Plate
Matty Bovan SS19

As the first three models step out onto the runway we find headpieces that encase each cranium, all distinct from the next and decorated with sculptures composed of various items. The first sculpture is made of an ecosystem which can be found in a common household garden, the second is a breeze of money which flows upwards, and the third an arrangement of kitchen supplies.

The Fashion Plate
Matty Bovan SS19

As for the actual clothing we find an array of dresses in various silhouettes, a few containing so much fabric and volume they belong in a museum. Other articles of clothing include jumpsuits, sweaters, and bras draped and loosely fitting the models.

The Fashion Plate
Matty Bovan SS19

A frequent graffiti-like print can also be found throughout the zany collection, with details all over the place, it’s like a John Coltrane piece.

The Fashion Plate
Matty Bovan SS19

With garments not so easily wearable we may only find Matty Bovan Spring/Summer 2019 at the most A-list fashionista events.

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I’m just a guy from Virginia who enjoys writing about clothes. Currently studying creative direction at The Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

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