First Look: The Row SS19.

The Row Spring 2019 (photo: courtesy)
Written by Lucas Pantoja

Emotional, concise, pure, dreamy, tasteful, timeless

It’s 2018 and fashion is moving at a high speed pace with loudness and exuberance, trends evolving at rates faster than even some of the most dedicated fans can afford, nonetheless follow. But The Row presents their Spring 2019 collection and it is as emotional and pure as can be.

One of the most difficult aspects of design is finding the line between simplicity and complexity but The Row hit the nail on the head with it. Most of the clothes are oversized and capacious but evoke a feeling of lightness in the construction and fabrics used.

The Fashion Plate
The Row SS19

Key looks present are a curvaceous sheer black dress, a fuzzy cream colored coat fringed across the edges, and a spacious gown evocative of clouds and royalty.

Ancient and futuristic, dreamy yet clear — in the end what’s left is a timeless appeal, kind of like an 18th century composition from Bach or Beethoven. With that being said, these clothes would excel in a formal atmosphere or a magical garden in Paris.

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