First Look: Jeremy Scott SS19.

Jeremy Scott Spring 2019 (photo: courtesy)
Written by Lucas Pantoja

For punk, motocross, military, street wear, photographs, grunge, graphics, NBA and young fashion lovers at rock or rap concerts.

The Jeremy Scott Spring 2019 collection is here, and in classic Jeremy Scott fashion the clothes were as bold as ever. This season Mr. Scott called upon the help of various graphics, from NBA logos and Pokemon all the way to actual Polaroids of a young Scott himself.

The Fashion Plate
Jeremy Scott Spring 2019

Fusing motocross with grunge, punk, and street fashions, the collection is perfect for all you fashion lovers looking to rage in the mosh pits.

The Fashion Plate
Jeremy Scott ‘motocross themed’ collection for Spring 2019 (courtesy photo)

Featuring various motocross boots, leather jackets, flannels, and hoodies, the garments were kept durable and easily wearable.

Whether going hard at the Lil Uzi Vert concert, or grabbing a coffee in Williamsburg — keep an eye out when Spring rolls around as the latest Jeremy Scott collection is bound to be seen.

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