What’s New & Different At Tom Ford.

In the past, Tom Ford collections for Gucci were over-sexed, flesh baring designs that more often than not kept Gucci in the press. When Ford branched out on his own, designing under his own name, he retained that same level of overt sexuality.

The Fashion Plate
Gucci by Tom Ford
Tom Ford Fall/ Winter campaign featuring Binx Walton.

It seems time has changed the iconic designer. The new Tom Ford collection for Spring 2019 retains the glamour but there is an unmistakable modesty that I’ve never seen before. Colors are more blush in tone, hemlines drape to the floor and the hair is covered.

The Fashion Plate
Kaia Gerber in a head wrap by Tom For for Spring 2019.

In fact, I’ve counted 5 key changes in the Tom Ford look. Let’s start with the most obvious, the hair wrap.

Head Wraps

I wear head wraps to bed, and recently I’ve started wearing my head wrapped as a style. I never thought I’d see a head wrap at Tom Ford. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Awkward Specs

The Tom Ford man is leaner and a little nerdier but I am relieved he didn’t lose his swagger or elegance.

Modest Dress

Is it just me or did Tom Ford become a modest dress maker? It was very subtle, but I noticed strapless bodice tops with matching motorcycle jackets that strategically cover the arms and shoulders. Style wise, they were paired with long, ankle length skirts.

Virginal Lace

Soft lace has never been the M.O. of Tom Ford but this season soft lace appeared as camisole tops and as a modest edging along skirts.

Tom Ford Spring 2019

Closed Cuts

Tom Ford is known for his sensual cut-out designs, but this season Ford covered any exposed skin – with more fabric.

Tom Ford Spring 2019

What do you think of the collection? Drop a comment in the section below.

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