10 Rare Photos Of Black ‘Rosie The Riveters’ On #WomensEqualityDay

To celebrate #WomensEqualityDay Senator Kamala Harris posted 10 rare images of Black ‘Rosie the Riveters’ from the 1940s.

Black women have been putting in the work to build this country for generations now. Here are 10 rare photos of Black Rosie the Riveters to inspire you on #WomensEqualityDay.

-Senator Kamala Harris

Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

Rosie the Riveter was a campaign aimed at recruiting female workers for defense industries during World War II. Women were called upon to work outside of the home to keep the economy going after millions of American men were shipped off to war.

Demand for labor was so great that Pullman, for the first time, hired black women for production at the shipyard.  Over 600,000 African-American women entered the wartime workforce.

Kaiser shipyards, Richmond, Calif. Miss Eastine Cowner, a former waitress, is helping in her job as a scaler to construct the Liberty Ship SS George Washington Carver launched on May 7, 1943. E. F. Joseph. (OWI) NARA FILE #: 208-NP-1KKK-3 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 807

Although women were crucial to the war effort, their pay continued to lag far behind their male counterparts: Female workers rarely earned more than 50 percent of male wages.

Black ‘Rosie the Riveter’. (circa 1940s)

Since August 26, 1973 this day has been celebrated to acknowledge women’s right to vote and for equality in all things!


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