The Happy Socks Trend Returns. Here’s How To Wear Them.

Not too long ago the happy socks trend exploded on the scene. It started during Milan Fashion Week in the early 2000 teens. Elegant men sat front row at menswear shows with bright colored socks peaking from beneath their suit trousers. Bloggers picked up on the style and recreated the look for their Instagram. Not long after, every fashion brand from Zara to Argyle sold happy socks making it the leading style trend.

Bright socks peak out beneath trousers.

For a while, wild sock patterns were popular with men and women who wore happy socks with every shoe imaginable, from loafers to sneakers to sandals, and even heels.

There was even a brand called HAPPY SOCKS, the company produced an ever changing line of bright, fun socks.

Socks by “Happy Socks”, the Swedish manufacturer and retailer of socks and underwear.

But as quickly as it all started, happy socks were over. Menswear websites decried the style as not being elegant, citing first impression rules were still important. So basically, how impressed could your work colleagues, friends, or even the postman be seeing you in brightly colored sock/trouser/shorts combos?

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The Happy Socks rebellion

But like man and his beard the happy socks look lingered on with fashionable men happy to express their individuality, personality, and style wa-ay after the “trend” expired. It was a way to break from age-old traditions that a man of style only wore dark, muted socks.

Gentlemen at Pitti Uomo in Florence Italy. Socks by Max Hosa. (Courtesy photo)

Men turned to designers like Laduma whose renowned fashion brand MaxHosa was all about bold color and patterns. As part of the brand’s contemporary line, Laduma designed elegant, high quality, sock wear in vibrant colors and heritage patterns.

Max Hosa Spring 2017 runway show.
MaxHosa designer Laduma at fashion week.

It didn’t take long for the happy socks trend to go viral again, especially after celebs like Justin Bieber wore them.

Justin Bieber in blue socks and Givenchy sandals.

The Fate of Happy Socks

Now it’s hard to find a department store that does not offer a line of bright sock wear. It’s safe to say happy socks are the new classic trend and they’re here to stay.

If you are ready to express yourself with a pair of bold socks, we say go for it! Below are a few of our favorites from the MaxHosa by Laduma fall 2018 collection.

Socks at men’s fashion week, by Max Hosa
Socks at men’s fashion week, by Max Hosa

Are you ready to break from tradition and buy a pair of happy socks? Drop us a comment in the section below!

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