Update: Fight For Net Neutrality.

According to the FFF (Fight For the Future) it’s been less than a month since the net neutrality repeal went into effect, and monopolistic ISPs are already taking advantage.

Comcast is throttling videos and personal hotspots on plans that are supposed to be unlimited.AT&T quietly increased its fees for no justifiable reason.2 And as long as Big Cable has free rein to violate our Internet freedom, this is just the beginning.

When FCC Chair Ajit Pai—a former Verizon lawyer— pushed through his repeal of net neutrality, he insisted ISPs could be trusted not to slow sites, block content, or shake us down for more fees. That claim flew in the face of all the evidence. Without strong rules in place, Big Cable has been caught red-handed violating net neutrality over and over again, including slowing sites, disabling certain apps, and blocking website access to censor political speech.3  

Clearly now that net neutrality rules are gone, ISPs are emboldened to abuse their massive power even more.

Fight For the Future (FFF) intends to stop them by using the tactics that helped win a historic vote in the Senate to restore protections for a fair and open net. Click here to offer a $3 dollar donation.  The FFF is looking for support to:

  • Cover the costs of printing banners and signs for volunteer-led protests across the country;
  • Drive a flood of phone calls from constituents to their representatives;
  • Mount an extraordinary pressure campaign from small businesses in key districts, and
  • Mobilize key constituencies like US veterans to speak out and meet with lawmakers.

These tactics are already starting to have an impact. We’ve heard that several GOP lawmakers are considering signing the discharge petition to force a vote to overrule the FCC’s repeal.



1. Ars Technicahttps://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/07/comcast-starts-throttling-mobile-video-will-charge-extra-for-hd-streams/

2. The Hillhttp://thehill.com/policy/technology/technology/395318-att-customers-see-price-increases-following-time-warner-merger

3. Free Press: https://www.freepress.net/our-response/expert-analysis/explainers/net-neutrality-violations-brief-history

Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.

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