Leandi Mulder Fall 2018 Collection: Beautiful, Raw Design.

Leandi Mulder Fall 2018

Went bonkers for the textile heavy collection shown by Leandi Mulder during Africa Fashion International. The weighted denim used for culottes and capes were graceful and elegant. The starched cotton which was dyed, then weaved into a heritage pattern and used for deconstructed suiting was innovative and fresh.

The looks on the runway appeared unique, not mass produced. Each piece had a handmade feel as if designer Leandi Mulder made everything using a simple sewing mechanism. One would imagine there will be slight defects, or that the pattern and quilting from one coat to the other might be slightly less aligned. But this didn’t cheapen the overall presentation, on the contrary the looks were polished, sophisticated and truly special.

Fall 2018 Collection by Leandi Mulder:

Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Leandi Mulder Fall 2018
Designer Leandi Mulder

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