Singer Alicia Keys Launches Business Incubation Program, Invests In 20 Creative Entrepreneurs.

Last month singer and songwriter Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz launched a new investment program to support artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world through their business incubation company, The Dean Collection.

For the inaugural launch, the Grammy music winners solicited young creatives from around the world to send in creative works and a business plan to show how they would use a $5000 investment to further their career. The Dean CollectionΒ start ups program received thousands of entries but could only select 20 winners.

The winning talent ranged from tapestry and interior design, to music, sculpture and painting. These are four favorites.

1. Winner. Mental Health Artist: Shanina Dionna (Coatesville, USA)
2. Winner. Visual Artist: Fadi Alhamwi (Berlin, Germany)


A post shared by Fadi al-Hamwi (@fadi.alhamwi) on

3. Winner. Painter: Ekene Maduka (Winnipeg, Canada)


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4. Winner. Tapestry Artist: Sara Rahbar (New York, USA)

Don’t worry if you missed this opportunity just follow Alicia Keys or The Dean Collection on Instagram for the next entry.

“The world is ready for more and we will be bringing more opportunities like this. This is just the beginning!!!”

Alicia Keys

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