Kim Jones’ Fresh ‘New Look’ For Dior Homme Spring 2019.

Thanks to Kim Jones, Dior makes a splashy new entrance back into the limelight. Jones is not playing it safe as Dior’s new creative director, he is going for greatness adding lots of fresh floral prints, new textiles for basics and bright new colors to the Dior menswear catalog as well as playful accessories like the fanny pack version of the iconic Dior saddle bag directly from the Dior women’s wear line. It all amounts to a bold new look for Dior men. I expect A$AP Rocky’s stylist is having a field day with all of the options.

Here are the most impressive looks from the Dior Spring 2019 fashion show:

‘Dior’ Monogram T-Shirt

Dior Homme_6_48_ale_2315
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_4_a1_ale_2295
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_36_e8_ale_2682
Dior Spring 2019

Dior ‘Saddle Bag’ Fanny Pack

Dior Homme_7_6e_ale_2322
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_32_eb_ale_2640
Dior Spring 2019

Fresh Florals

Dior Homme_34_a1_ale_2657
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_35_42_ale_2670
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_38_f8_ale_2708
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_41_f4_ale_2752
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_42_5f_ale_2764
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_43_61_ale_2773
Dior Spring 2019

Bold Color

Dior Homme_31_c5_ale_2620
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_23_1d_ale_2525
Dior Spring 2019
Dior Homme_26_3d_ale_2561
Dior Spring 2019

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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