Why The Future Of Health Care May Be Quantum Computing.

Quantum computing could help solve highly complex problems in the health sector. Quantum computers leverage the principles of quantum mechanics to solve problems at incredible speed that are impossible for traditional computers.

Classical computers are not going anywhere and are great for our household work however they suck at solving some really hard optimization problems. For example, researchers spend on average 12 years comparing the interactions and effects of different drugs on a range of diseases to determine the best medication. This process can be significantly shortened with quantum computers that have enough computational power to actually envision all possible outcomes.

California Sen. Kamala Harris introduced a bill last week that would create a national center for research into the new frontier of quantum computing.

Her bill would establish a Department of Defense Quantum Computing Research Consortium to make grants and coordinate the research efforts of academia, government and business.

California has been at the forefront of quantum information science with facilities at the University of Southern California, Caltech, Google Venice Beach, University of California Riverside, Stanford University, Rigetti Computers and the University of California Santa Barbara. However, there is concern than China is leading in the race.

“Without adequate research and coordination in quantum computing, we risk falling behind our global competition in the cyberspace race which leaves us vulnerable to attacks from our adversaries,” Harris said.

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