I Want This Summer Suit From Jacquemus.

I’m so bored with traditional ‘menswear inspired’ suiting for women. And sorry, not sorry, but what fashionistas got into a room and green lit the revival of the 90s over-sized, box-cut blazer? It’s a hard pass for me.

Crissy Teigen is bored too.

I want something that favors my curves. I want something that is unapologetically female, and I want it in luxe fabrics and I want it for office wear.

‘Hello Jacquemus’ (in my Carrie Bradshaw voice).

French designer Jacquemus must have heard my cry because he created a new FEMALE-form inspired blazer, a pair of coordinating trousers (without pockets, thank you) and a series of fantastic knit blouses I haven’t seen in fashion since Donna Karen; well Donna before ‘Me Too’, not after.

My Summer Suit!

I love this suit, personally I’d style it with a slim, silk camisole in white beneath the draped jacket, and it wouldn’t change the effect.

Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection

My perfect office blouses!

Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection
Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection
Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection

Imagine the blouse below with a statement necklace!

Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection

5 looks from Power Monday to Casual Friday!

Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection
Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection
Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection
Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection

This one will take you from day to night-time Cocktails!

Jacquemus Spring 2018 collection

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Nichelle Cole is the founder & editor-in-chief of The Fashion Plate magazine. A respected writer, stylist and influencer, she has been published in fashion magazines around the world.

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