We Just Found The Perfect Backpack Design.

Everyone wants a backpack but no one wants the kiddie reference. We aren’t in high school anymore, we need a design that is flexible and hands free but more sophisticated than a two strap satchel that looks like we are carrying a lunch pail inside (that’s not chic). Well, we’ve found the perfect alternative to the kiddie pack thanks to Karl Lagerfeld who introduced a new backpack design for Chanel.

chanel duffle
New Chanel backpack presented at the Chanel Métiers d’art show in Hamburg. (Photo by Chanel)

The elegant satchel first appeared on the runway of the Chanel Métiers d’art show presented last December in Hamburg. As models zoomed by in high collar alpaca scarves and cashmere coats we spied the luxe-utility bag carried by a model in look #11.


The backpack is similar in design to a pugilist’s duffel bag but it’s slimmer, more stylish and less bulky than the traditional camouflage duffel bags designed in cotton and nylon.

Chanel backpack in heritage wool and calfskin trim and polished metal accents. (Photo by Chanel)

The Chanel backpack is designed in heritage wool, it features stitch embroidery, calfskin trim and polished metal accents. It is perfect as a gym bag, over-night bag or 19 hour bag.

Chanel backpack with wool embroidery, calfskin trim and polished metal accents. (Photo by Chanel)

The Chanel backpack is now on their e-commerce website but it comes with a hefty price tag at $4000 USD. Ouch.

Perfect comes at a price.



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