Aaron Phillips Photographed By Katie McCurdy For ASOS.

ASOS commissioned Katie McCurdy to photograph pop-teen Aaron Phillips for a special summer floral campaign to accompany her interview with Shannon Mahanty for ASOS magazine.


Aaron Phillips for ASOS magazine. (courtesy photo)

Katie McCurdy is a brilliant portrait photographer who captured Busy Phillips for The Times Magazine and virtual influencer Lil Miquela for King Kong Magazine.

Aaron identifies as a non-binary trans girl/femme. She has a large and highly engaged social media platform and she uses it to educate teens about the LGBTQIA community.

For the ASOS photo shoot Aaron was styled by Luke Raymond with make/ hair by Shay Garcia. The floral constellation was created by Brittany Asch and Gia Castellano especially for ASOS.


Aaron Phillips for ASOS magazine. (courtesy photo)

Find out more about the interview and get more photos, click here.

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