Senator Kamala Harris Praises ‘The New Yorker’ Cover Artist Loveis Wise, “Artists Like Her Are Critical”.

I love following Kamala Harris’ social media because every once in a while she will break her post cycle of social and political activism to share something special about everyday people and everyday life. For example, Kamala Harris took to twitter to praise The New Yorker’s latest artist, Loveis Wise. Wise is the chosen cover artist for The New Yorker’s annual Fiction Issue. If you are a fan of The New Yorker you know that fiction and story telling is the heart of the magazine. This year’s Fiction Issue includes a theme: parenting, childhood, and the ties that bind both and Wise’s illustration, “Nurture,” builds upon that theme.

Loveis Wise is a unique artist for The New Yorker in that she only recently graduated from the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, where she studied illustration, painting, and woodcuts.

“Inspired by this beautiful New Yorker cover titled “Nurture” by the immensely talented black illustrator Loveis Wise. Artists like her are so critical to challenging the notion of who can do what. “

Kamala Harris, Senator

Clearly The New Yorker saw something truly special in the young artist. You should check her out! For more about Loveis Wise’s art click here:

Illustration by Loveis Wise.

And follow Kamala Harris on twitter!

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