Community Art Center Co-Founded By Kanye West Cuts Ties With West And Receives Backlash.

In 2013, artist, songwriter and Kanye West collaborator, Rhymefest, created a community art incubator to support youth on the South Side of Chicago. The charity organization co-founded and initially funded by Kanye West was named the “Donda’s House”, after Kanye West’s mother. Unfortunately things have not gone smoothly.

Following struggles to keep the center afloat, seemingly after Rhymefest agreed to take sole responsibility for the organization’s operational expenses when Kanye fell upon hard times financially, Rhymefest released a statement via the Donda’s House website stating they would no longer use the name “Donda’s House Inc”.

It should also be pointed out that since Kanye’s pro-Trump statements, the charity has worked to disassociate itself from him.

Official statement from Donda’s House

Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian responded on twitter to the statement issued on May 26, releasing a series of tweets yesterday questioning the ethics and integrity of the organization and finally threatening to take over the organization.

In Response to Kim Kardashian’s threat on twitter, on Sunday Rhymefest issued a formal statement directly to Kim taking her up on her suggestion to dissolve the charity while stressing the art center will continue its programming and original mission.

Immediately following the statement from @Rhymefest to Kim Kardashian twitter users reacted, largely in support of Rhymefest, aka Che Smith, who has known Kanye West since they were 16 years old.

Che Smith’s friendship with West also goes back to their days in the studio. Smith had a hand in some of Yeezy’s biggest songs including writing credits on “Jesus Walks” and “New Slaves.”

Smith who helped co-found Donda’s House with Kanye in 2013 says the name change was a difficult decision to make as Dr. Donda West was a mentor to him when he was younger.

(Left to right) Rhymefest, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Chris Tucker, pictured in 2005 (photo by GettyImages)

News outlets frame the situation as “drama” and beef” with little regard to the center’s positive work which will continue as Kanye West and Che Smith work through the differences.

Kanye West has yet to respond.

For more information about the charity organization focused on Chicago’s disadvantaged youth follow the link here.


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