Antonio Marras Designs A Scarlett O’Hara Inspired Handbag Perfect For Travel.

Scarlett O’Hara traveled a tumultuous journey. And through the ups and downs our anti-heroine survived the dangers and emerged wiser beyond her years.

For resort 2018 Antonio Marras titled his ready to wear line of clothes, handbags and accessories “Scarlett O’Hara in the Sardinian Countryside”. Scarlett O’Hara’s moody, capricious yet combative and determined personality and her unique style of curtain dresses in garishly bright tones inspired Antonio Marras to create this overly decorated and highly opulent accessories collection.

The secure closures, multiple sizes and cross-body options make the roomy bag perfect for the chic traveler.

AntonioMarras Woman precoll ss18_17
Antonio Marras Resort 2018
AntonioMarras Woman precoll ss18_03
Antonio Marras Resort 2018
Antonio Marras Resort 2018
Antonio Marras Resort 2018
Antonio Marras Resort 2018


Antonio Marras Resort 2018
Antonio Marras Resort 2018

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