The Fall 2018 Boot Trend To Get Ahead Of Now.

Although summer is on the way, the weather is still a bit finicky and selecting an open-toe sandal or an all-weather boot can be the difference between having a good day or a terrible day. And if you live in New York, the city infamous for skipping spring and heading straight to summer, you’re definitely in a constant struggle between trusty ankle boots and your spring time sandals. This means boots are probably part of your year round wardrobe and it’s always a good time to look at the next boot trend.

With that in mind we thought to share one of fall’s biggest boot trends you should consider now, the mosaic heel.

Mosaics as an applied art has proven to be extremely versatile to decorate homes, public and commercial buildings and interiors, and yes even fashion. The largest form of applied mosaics have been preserved in the provinces of North Africa, in the agricultural province of Africa Proconsularis (present-day northern Tunisia, northeastern Algeria, and western Libya).

Mosaics in Tunisia (courtesy photo)
A semi-circular mosiac which had been used as flooring.

In 2013 the 6th century mosaics of an Italian cathedral appeared onto the Dolce & Gabbana runway for their fall collection in Milan. The materials they were made from were easily applied to flat and curved surfaces and were used to cover large areas or to provide a simple accent or contrast. People went crazy for the mosaic embellishments on the shoes.

The Last Judgment, 6th century mosaic in Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy.

For fall 2018 decorative heels reappeared on the runways and the mosaic heel was one of Milan’s biggest trends at fashion week.

My favorites came from Italian shoe atelier Baldinini who created a line of mosaic heeled boots that would surely liven up any outfit.

Baldinini FW18.19 (10)
Baldinini Fall 2018
Baldinini Fall 2018
Baldinini FW18.19 (31)
Baldinini Fall 2018
Baldinini FW18.19 (12)
Baldinini Fall 2018
Baldinini FW18.19 (32)
Baldinini Fall 2018
Baldinini FW18.19 (28)
Baldinini Fall 2018
Baldinini FW18.19 (27)
Baldinini Fall 2018

The matching handbags are just a bonus.

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