First Look: New Orleans To Replace General Robert E. Lee’s Statue With A Communal Circle.

The statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from its pedestal in Lee Circle, New Orleans’ most prominent traffic circle, in the spring of 2017. New Orleans former mayor Mitch Landrieu brought in a nonprofit group to collect public input on what should replace the statue of Robert E. Lee  — a job that was expected to last beyond the two months Mayor Mitch Landrieu had left in office.
Mayor Landrie commissioned landscape architecture and urban planning firm Spackman Mossop Michaels (SMM) to create a range of revised design schemes based upon community input. Prior to leaving office on May 7th Landrieu’s administration chose to release SMM’s renderings as one of its last acts.

The new designs show a rendition that would completely remove the base and pedestal to bring the circle to street level. The new “Tivoli Circle” SMM proposes turns the imposing location into a community space for all to enjoy.

This is a first look at the initial designs for the new Tivoli Circle in New Orleans.

A view of Lee Circle displaying another option, with the pedestal replaced by a fountain that could be turned off for large events.
A view of Lee Circle displaying another option, with the pedestal replaced by a fountain that could be turned off for large events.
A rendering of an option without the center pedestal replaced by fountains at the center turned on.
An aerial view that shows one option for a redesigned Lee Circle that would retain the pedestal that once held a statue of Robert E. Lee.
A rendering that shows the option with the pedestal remaining. A series of circular ramps would allow pedestrians to ascend to the base of the pedestal.

The designs are not final. These renditions are aimed at laying the groundwork for a public process that will be held in the future.

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