Trendy New Shoe Design Merges Stylish Brogues With Sneaker Comfort.

Adieu designers Isabelle Guédon and Benjamin Caron have known each other since childhood, Isabelle says when they met Benjamin was already drawing shoes. They were initially drawn to each other over a shared love of the Sex Pistols, PIL, John Lydon and listening to “Paris au Printemps” on tape again and again and they maintained their friendship as they sought separate careers in the fashion industry.

Isabel worked alongside Alber Elbaz for Guy Laroche and Yves Saint Laurent before joining Benjamin Caron in the creation of their own label, Adieu.

Adieu is a unisex shoe company with experimental designs inspired by the English working class and the punk rocker shoe styles of the 70s and 80s. The throwback classic designs are as easy to wear as sneakers thanks to the crepe sole made of a technical bi-material. The five signature Adieu designs are the derby trainers, a patent leather zippered shoe patterned after styles worn by french priests, a mountain boot, a classic brogue and the original Adieu creeper.

Derby trainers by Adieu

Derby trainers by Adieu
Derby trainersf by Adieu

Mountain style boots by Adieu

mountain boots
Mountain boots by Adieu

“French Priest” inspired shoe by Adieu

french priest.png

Creepers by Adieu

Creepers by Adieu

Brogues by Adieu

Brogues by Adieu
pancake broque
Brogues by Adieu
Brogues by Adieu
Brogues by Adieu

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