TFP Exclusive Editorial: Colors In Movement By Dario Michael De Boni.

The gorgeous Marta Kowalczyk at Fashion Model Milan stars in the Colors In Movement story lensed and styled exclusively for The Fashion Plate by fashion photographer Dario Michael De Boni, styled by Luca Termine. Beauty is the work of Elija Gutierrez at MKS-milano. Production assisted by Pietro Colombo Leoni in photography and Angela Qehaja in styling.

The Fashion Plate Exclusive

For the session captured in Milan, Marta is wearing selected pieces from Off-White, Giorgio Armani, Missoni and more:

04_DBD_Colors in movement.
Blouse, H&M. Body suit, American Apparel. Purse, Missoni. Boots, Pretty Little Thing.
02_DBD_Colors in movement.
Bomber, Marios. Leggings, No Ka Oi. Shoes, Delfrance Ribeiro.
01_DBD_Colors in movement
Dress, Giorgio Armani.
05_DBD_Colors in movement.
Tunic and skirt, Pringle of Scotland. Belt, Off-White.
08_DBD_Colors in movement.
Dress, Filippo Laterza, Turtleneck, H&M, Boots, Zara.
07_DBD_Colors in movement.
Blouse, Ter Et Bantine. Skort, Costume National. Leggings, No Ka Oi.
06_DBD_Colors in movement.
Corset and skirt, Filippo Laterza. Tank, Puma.
03_DBD_Colors in movement.
Dress, Pierantonio Gasperi. Turtleneck, H&M. Boots, Zara.

Photographer: Dario Michael De Boni
Stylist: Luca Termine
Makeup Artist: Elija Gutierrez at MKS-milano
Model: Marta Kowalczyk at Fashion Model Milano
Location: Milan, Italy

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