5 Travel Accent Walls That Transport You To A Whole New City.

Accent walls were big in the ’80s and ’90s, they were an instant way to make a room look like it was decorated. And thanks to interior designers less-is-more approach for home décor the design hack returns, but in a much better way. We aren’t talking about old hacks like floral wallpaper or wooden accent walls, we are talking about statement walls that transport your space to a whole new city.

A new wallpaper collection by Officinarkitettura® titled “Cinema Bellinzona” is currently on display for Milan Design Week, the collection features grand views of Italian cityscapes on luminous canvas.

Here are five travel accent walls perfect for spaces big and small.

The Office

Imagine working in Rome every day.

nuovi mondi 8
Officinarkitettura® cityscape view of Rome’s Cathedral printed on wallpaper on luminous canvas.

The Dining Room

The Navigli district in Milan is the perfect place for an aperitivo, or dinner.

nuovi mondi 2
Officinarkitettura® cityscape view of the Navigli printed on wallpaper on luminous canvas.

The Hallway

We love the terraza view of the Torino cathedral and the mountains.

nuovi mondi 10
Officinarkitettura® cityscape view of Italy printed on wallpaper on luminous canvas.

The Den

A charming piazza in Bologna is a great place to sit and relax.

nuovi mondi 6
Officinarkitettura® cityscape view of Bologna printed on wallpaper on luminous canvas.

The Breakfast Bar

Breakfast in Venice is always a good idea.

nuovi mondi 12
Officinarkitettura® cityscape view of Venice printed on wallpaper on luminous canvas.

For those of you in town for Milan Design Week get an in-person preview at the 120% store at Via Pontaccio, 19.

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