King Bell’s Pastel Stilettos, Stylish or Not?

DJ Siobhan Bell, aka King Bell, is all set to DJ the May Weekender festival this year along with A$AP Ferg, Metro Boom, Tony Lanaz and more but in the meantime King Bell is busy acting as the face of Giuseppe Zanotti’s new stilleto heel, The Gheel.

king bell

For those of you who know Siobhan this is a very different look for the DJ. She is a sneaker head at heart but for Giuseppe Zanotti she took a style risk.

895 dollars giuseppe zanotti
The Gheel by Giuseppe Zanotti, $895.

The Easter egg pastel color is leaning towards the 90s fashion trend all the rage during the 90210 years, circa Shannon Dohery. But for 2018 is it stylish, or not?

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