Moncler’s New Store Is An Iceberg In The Middle Of A Desert.

During Milan Fashion Week snow was the theme of the Moncler fashion show, and during that same week the company opened its largest global store in Milan with the same theme, snow. So I guess an iceberg in the middle of a desert shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Moncler’s new “Iceberg in the Desert” store in Dubai. Photo: Alessandra Chemollo

Moncler collaborated with architectural firm CURIOSITY by Gwenael Nicolas to open their first mono-brand boutique in the Middle East.  Located inside the Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest shopping centers, the boutique is massive at almost 3000 square feet of space. The best part is the exterior, Nicolas ingeniously shaped the entrance into a giant floating iceberg.

Moncler store in Dubai
Moncler store in Dubai

Nicolas used stone to mimic broken ice blocks, the natural material is visually beautiful and adds a sense of realism. More natural stone in a dark wood and grey graces the walls, ceilings and floors carrying the formidable entrance inside. Along the high walls floating shelves feature Moncler clothing and accessories displayed at different heights. The simple shelves and natural materials have a minimalist aesthetic and create a timeless feeling.

The fitting room is the brightest space in the store, it is unconventional with padded white leather tiles quilted along the walls and ceiling. The strange fitting rooms are meant to be an homage to the Moncler down jacket but give off a psych ward vibe that’s kind of punk.

Moncler store in Dubai
Moncler store in Dubai
Moncler store in Dubai
Moncler store in Dubai
Moncler store in Dubai

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