Zendaya Tries New Korean Rubber Mask.

Yesterday Zendaya posted a picture of herself using the new Korean skin care treatment, the rubber mask.

Zendaya in a gold “Rubber” mask. Photo: courtesy of Instagram

Zendaya used to be a fan of sheet masks, and they’re great, but according to experts the rubber masks offer more, and by more they mean better results.

If you’re used to the sheet mask, the problem is they easily dry out and if left on too long they can actually pull moisture out of the skin. The new rubber masks (FYI there isn’t any actual rubber in the mask) can stay moist for up to 72 hours and the mask’s texture (it’s sort of like a rich goo) allows for a deeper penetration.

In an interview with The Cut Alicia Yoon, CEO and co-founder of Peach and Lily shared, “rubber masks will really go that extra mile in delivering super-packed amounts of hydration and nourishment to the skin.”

Alicia Yoon, CEO and co-founder of Peach and Lily

If you are ready to make the switch, prepare for the fact that you will go from looking like a serial killer with the sheet mask on to looking like Jason Voorhees without the hockey mask.

Korean Beauty: Modeling “Rubber” Masks, $49.

But with results like these we’re willing to brave it.

Zendaya photo: courtesy of Instagram

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