Going Blonde.

In the past it was very difficult to achieve a blond look on very dark hair, it required a lot of hair bleach and a lot of time under the dryer. And if done improperly, the hair could go into shock and become straw or, even worse, fall out in clumps. This was a major deterrent to going blonde but in 2015 models Soo Joo Park and Ai Tominaga went platinum successfully. The color transformation was beautiful thanks to advancement in hair technology and it completely changed the game.

Soo Joo Park walks the runway for Rag & Bone.

In the past year, we’ve noticed a trend among Asian celebrities and influencers who’ve all gone Blonde and we think it inspired the masses to finally give it a shot. Recently, there is a healthy dose of newly blonde Asian men and women flooding the instagram feeds and they all look good. It’s officially what’s trending the beauty posts.

Influencer Tina Leung and Bryan Yambao at Milan Fashion Week. Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images for Gucci Milan Fashion Week
Influencer Vanessa Hong of the Haute Pursuit at Paris York Fashion Week
Influencer Rachel Wang at New York Fashion Week. Photo: Youngjun Koo
Influencer Margaret Zhang at London Fashion Week. Photo: Youngjun Koo

The secret is in the process, specialty hair shops like Studio Tilee created by Tiffany Lee and Laura Lee have a suite of products specifically designed for Asian hair types. The specialty items help transform the hair and maintain body and movement.

Damaging the hair, losing vibrancy or appearing unnatural are probably the biggest obstacles people face when changing their hair to a lighter color, but for Asian people interested in going blonde this is no longer something to fear.

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