Luka Sabbat’s Red Handkerchief, Stylish Or Not?

Luka Sabbat is proving to be as fashion forward as his tv character on Grown-ishIn the college rom-com Luka’s character, by the same name, is a fashion student and an intern at Teen Vogue. His style is a mixture of urban street wear with bohemian flair.

Luka Sabbat on hit television show “Grown-ish”.

The show rapped up this week and the 19 year old is traveling on tour with Kerwin Frost and the Spaghetti Boys hosting events in Japan, France, Monaco and Brazil. Each event is a surprise and to attend you must follow Luka on Instagram to discover the location, which is typically revealed the same day.

Yesterday we tuned in but we were to distracted by what he was wearing. Luka surprised us when he posted pictures and videos of himself wearing a red handkerchief tied around his neck.

Luka Sabbat with handkerchiefs tied around his neck while traveling on tour.

For a bro this is very avant-garde.

What do you think? Is this stylish, or not?


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