Gucci Commits $1 Million Dollars To Beyoncé’s BeyGood4Burundi Initiative.

Gucci just committed $1 million to Beyoncé’s multiyear BeyGood4Burundi initiative launched last year with UNICEF USA to support programs improving water, sanitation and healthy hygiene practices in Burundi, a small, landlocked East African nation of 11.2 million.

Burundi has been slow to recover since it gained independence from Belgium in 1962, nearly half the population still does not have access to safe drinking water. Beyoncé’s initiative builds water systems in the country, provides educational materials on topics such as proper hand-washing techniques and the best way to clean food to avoid waterborne diseases. The initiative is also a benefit for the young people, often girls, who have to walk long distances to collect water, taking time away from schoolwork.

Gucci’s investment will help support the construction of 80 wells, providing more than 120,000 women, girls and their families access to clean water. The wells will be in addition to the 35 already completed by the BeyGood4Burundi initiative, which is set to support 366,000 women and children by 2020.

Gucci and Chime for Change are proud to stand with Beyoncé and UNICEF to help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls and women in Burundi. Through our commitment to BeyGood4Burundi, we continue the mission of Chime for Change to provide education, health and justice to girls and women globally.

Marco Bizzari, Gucci’s Chief Executive Office


Gucci co-founded Chime for Change — the brand’s global campaign for gender equality — with Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyoncé in 2013, the two organizations have worked closely on multiple projects to help girls and women around the world, including UNICEF’s Girls’ Empowerment Initiative.

To date, Chime for Change has raised $10 million to support 420 projects with 153 partners in 88 countries. Through these projects, the campaign’s support has directly benefited more than 400,000 girls and women, and reached nearly 3 million family and community members.

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