Let’s Talk About The New Samsung Frame TV. Is It A Transformer Or What?

frametv_fd_main_visual_04The new Samsung Frame TV is one of those obvious, “duh, a television that doubles as a piece of art why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”, kinds of inventions.  We have the flat screen television with the same capabilities but it’s bulkier and you can always tell what it is.

The new Samsung Frame TV has an actual frame around the crazy slim body and you customize the screen. It’s kinda genius because the TV fits any design situation. It’s like a transformer or a technological chameleon.

The Samsung Frame TV

Personally, I’d skip the paintings and prints and use it as a personal collage board. I always love seeing photographs of family members on the wall as a decorative design, it adds a more personal touch to the room.

Samsung Frame TV

But if other people’s art is your thing there is database full of artworks to choose from, evidently each image is in super high definition and runs the gamut of artists from Africa to the United Kingdom.

Samsung Frame TV

And it’s a smart TV so it has motion sensors, we don’t get into issues of wasteful energy consumption (love that) – now if only it could dim the lights when I leave the room too…

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