Kaia Gerber Reads The Versace Medusa Story For The Brand’s Tribute Campaign.

Medusa is the recognizable mascot of the Versace brand. The logo design came from the floor of a Roman ruin Giani Versace and his siblings used to play on as children. Gianni chose Medusa as the face of the brand because he believed she made people fall in love with her and there was no way back, and he hoped his company would have the same effect on people.

Versace Medusa
The original Medusa crest design Giani Versace discovered in a Roman ruin as a child.

The head of Medusa is typically fashioned into gold or brass embellishments and it is almost always placed on Versace clothing, shoes and accessory designs each season. If you visit the shops and watch the fashion shows you cannot help but notice the not so subtle artworks shaped in the head of Medusa. We suppose this is why Donatella Versace’s latest campaign for Spring 2018 is a tribute to the Versace Medusa.

On the Versace website an excerpt reads:

Medusa is one of the most popular stories of Greek Mythology. And contrary to most lead characters of these stories, Medusa was not a god or a monster, she was human and a beautiful woman. The most beautiful women in all of Athens: she was an extraordinary beauty who commanded the attention of everyone, including the gods. She could not have known she would be condemned for it.

Versace’s Medusa emblem typically seen on designs each season.

For the campaign Donatella taps 6 super models including Naomi Campbell and Natalia Vodianova to read the story of Medusa chapter by chapter. Kaia Gerber, who has recently risen to the supermodel ranks, rounds out the campaign. She reads chapter 6 of the Versace Medusa story. She and the models before her are each styled in Versace designs, they sit in a white room reading out loud before a camera.

Watch Kaia Gerber read her chapter of the Versace Medusa story for the brand’s Tribute campaign.

Kaia Gerber’s Spring 2018 tribute looks from the campaign video:

Versace blouse with metallic fringe, €1,200.00
Versace purse with Medussa embellishments, €2,490.00
Versace earrings with Medussa embellishments, €350.00
Versace leather sandals with Medussa embellishments, €790.00

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