The TaskRabbit App Is The Perfect Solution For Ikea Home Assembly.

I’ve always appreciated Ikea furniture. It’s classic, attractive, useful, affordable and easily discarded – you can gift it or sell it to someone else, no problem. But I hate the assembly. The assembly has always been my sticking point with Ikea. The furniture comes in a thousand pieces with crappy stick figure instructions (which work when used properly – but still) and it takes so much time. I’d rather pay a little extra for a brand that delivers and assembles rather than do it my self.

And in the coming age of the Smart Home where everything will be done by voice command, like dimming the lights, changing the sound on your TV, lowering the thermostat, locking the doors – seriously, everything – restocking your pantry, letting the delivery guy into the house while you’re at work (that one is a bit scary I admit) – who wants to build Ikea furniture? I don’t.

Ikea must have heard my mental distress message about it because the Swedish chain and my go-to personal assistant, also known as TaskRabbit, have announced that they are teaming up for the ultimate vertical integration.

Head of TaskRabbit, Stacy Brown-Philpot (left) and Head of Ikea Group, Jesper Brodin (right)

You can now order Ikea furniture and book next-day TaskRabbit assembly at once. And you don’t pay until everything is built and complete.

Task Rabbitt app

Now that’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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