“Hip” Is The Cool Way To Stay Hydrated And Provide Safe Drinking Water To Others.

Karim Rashid water bottle design (photo: courtesy Karim Rashid)

Water For People is the leading water and sanitation organization with international programs in 9 countries and they’ve teamed up with award winning sustainability designer Karim Rashid on a new, safe drinking water program. The partnership involves a stylish, new self-filtering water bottle designed by Karim Rashid called “Hip” and a commitment from Water For People to provide those in need two days of safe drinking water for every “Hip” bottle sold.

Here are a few facts you might not know:

  • Women and children in under-developed countries walk an average of 4 hours per day to collect fresh water – time that could be spent at work or school.
  • 780 million people do not have access to improved water sources.
  • 2.64 Billion people around the world do not have access to adequate sanitation.
The Hip water bottle designed by Karim Rashid in collaboration with Water For People.

There are a lot of water bottle products out there but they don’t provide safe drinking water to people in other countries. The new “Hip” bottle is meant to make giving easy! All you have to do is buy a common commuter product you’d buy anyway!

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