How The Knapsack Became The New “It” Bag At Fashion Week.

vonotti.jpgThe point of decadence is being called into question when it comes to lifestyle, and that includes fashion.  It’s no secret that Gen Z isn’t as enamored with luxury goods as millennials were. Proof? Tiffany & Co. announced that its comparable sales dipped -5% this past holiday season, a time marked by gifting.

It’s arguable that young people could potentially be a catalyst for this shift, even if their parents are the ones with the spending power. Experts who study millennials and the mind-blogging teen generation (“Gen Z” or “iGen”) say that young people don’t want luxurious, splashy items as gifts in the first place — hence the dramatic shift.

And fashion is nothing if not observant and for fall/ winter 2018-19 some designers took note. At Prada make-shift cocktail dresses were styled with rubber galoshes or shoes covered with colorful nylon wraps, for accessories cut-off armbands replaced jeweled bracelets and work ID cards replaced flowers or pendants.

Prada fall/ winter 2018-19
Prada fall/ winter 2018-19

It wasn’t just at Prada, at Milan and New York fashion week several designers made a strong case for all-purpose clothing. Both Lucio Vanotti and Alexander Wang featured workers wear for day to night style, granted these were two very different types of women.

Lucio Vanotti fall/ winter 2018-19
Alexander Wang fall/ winter 2018-19

Notice the bag the models are carrying? The Alexander Wang bag may look familiar but the Lucio Vanotti bag is a knapsack!

If the fashion has become more simple it only makes sense that the accessories would follow suit. And the younger the brand, the more simple the accessories. This could be due to the social standing of the designer or it could be thanks to a greater freedom to honestly react to what the next generation wants right now.

We saw several knapsack versions on the catwalk in Europe this season.

Alberto Zambelli fall/ winter 2018-19
Alberto Zambelli fall/ winter 2018-19

It’s nice to because you can even double bag them!

Lucio Vanotti fall/ winter 2018-19
Worn “Bag-like objects” for fall/ winter 2018-19

Get ready for the logo mania to begin on this fashion trend.

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