How To Wear Leopard Prints From Head To Toe.

Heritage prints are all over the Milan fall/ winter 2018-19 runway this season . And while the British heritage prints are more in favor, we were happy to see Max Mara bring back their heritage leopard print.

Supermodels Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadid both walked the Max Mara show and they looked stunning in their head to toe leopard print looks. But is it really that easy to pull off in real life?

Joan Smalls in the Max Mara fall/ winter 2018-19 fashion show.
Gigi Hadid in the Max Mara fall/ winter 2018-19 fashion show.

Most stylist would say, “don’t ever try this at home kids”, but we know it’s possible to do well. Here is the full proof way to mastering a leopard print look from top to bottom.

The easiest way to do leopard print is with a classic coat or dress like the iconic Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly in a leopard coat and white gloves out shopping in New York City. (1959)

But if you want to try something more daring let Gwen Stefani be your guide.

Gwen Stefani in leopard print. (2014)

This tailored suit is a great way to wear the heritage leopard print from head to toe, just remember to keep it simple with your hairstyle and accessories. The other great thing about this suit is you can style them as separates.

If you aren’t up to wearing it all at once, or you just want to change it up, you can easily use just one or two of the pieces like style icon Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid styled a leopard print car coat with monotone black. (2018)

What do you think? Are you brave enough to try this new trend?

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