Sheer, Horizontal-Striped, Skinny Trousers At Milan Fashion Week- Genius Or Torture Device?

Today at Genny we were treated to a fabulous and confusing pair of striped trousers. They were super sheer, super glitzy and super skinny. They were styled with a very frilly and modest satin blouse with balloon sleeves and cinched wristlets.

Model on the Genny catwalk at Milan Fashion Week.

We racked our brains to think who could get away with a pair of trousers so slim and defining, starlets Yara Shahidi and Zendaya came to mind.

Model on the Genny catwalk at Milan Fashion Week.

But for those fashion mavens we’d style the trousers in a more contemporary way. We’d swap the satin blouse with a camisole and add a chic blazer or trench coat. Or go totally rogue and wear these shimmers with a political t-shirt and platform trainers.

As for “Genius” or “Torture Device”, the verdict is in and its definitely Genius.


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