Monochrome Is So Hot Right Now.

Monochrome colors for total look styling is so hot right now. It is one of those trends that always comes back into fashion and that’s because it is effortless styling that is easy to do. It literally means wearing separates all in one color.

And the best part is, you get that formal feeling but it’s not as confining as a suit or traditional uniform.

Designers at Milan Fashion Week are embracing the monochrome trend for fall/ winter 2018-19. They are creating multiple designs in one color so you don’t have to ask, “does this match that?”

Our favorite designers are Lucio Vanotti, Issey Miyake and Annakiki!

Backstage at Annakiki. Even the lipstick is monochrome!
Issey Miyake total look in monochrome color.
Lucio Vanotti fall/ winter 2018-19.

All so amazing!

(Cover photo from the streets during Milan Fashion Week, by Editor-In-Chief Nichelle Cole)

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