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London Fashion Week Toasts The Return Of Fiorucci.

The Store Studios at the London Fashion Week Festival will bring fashion enthusiasts into a room with Fiorucci CEO Janie Schaffer.

Janie will talk about the crazy sexy cool history of the Fiorucci brand and offer a sneak peek into the relaunch.

We’ve summed up a quick hit list to catch you up before you go.

It all began when Elio Fiorucci, the son of a Milanese shoe shop owner, was inspired one grey day in 1962 to create a few pairs of brightly colored rubber galoshes. He took them to a local fashion rag, which snapped them. Elio’s brightly colored rubber galoshes caused a street style storm.

Fiorucci golashes (1980s vintage design)

Fiorucci’s fashion was of the 70s/80s era. Leopard print. Bright colors. Jumpsuits. Fishnets. Spandex. Militaria. Blue jeans. Afghan coats. The thong.

Fiorucci circa 1980s

He encapsulates the empowered futurist sexiness of the 70s and the powerful disco sexiness of the 80s. Not an easy feat, but a feat he managed easily.

He was the first to spot Madonna. In 1983 Madonna made her debut public appearance at a Studio 54 party organized by Fiorucci to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his label. It was the height of disco, and the party attracted everybody. 

Edwige Belmore, Maripol and Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, NYC, 1978
“1970s selfie: Edwige Belmore, Maripol and Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, NYC, 1978 (photo: Edo Bertoglio)”

Andy Warhol, in a diary entry, wrote: “Went to Fiorucci and it’s so much fun there. It’s everything I’ve always wanted, all plastic.”

Fiorruci Jeans

Fiorucci is the reason your butt looks amazing in jeans.”It became one of my obsessions:this idea that women should not wear jeans made for men, but should have their own”, he said in an interview with i-D just before he died. The denim became their greatest success. Women lined up to buy their jeans, they wanted to show off their legs while keeping them covered.

Fiorucci 2018

#LFW The Revivial of Fiorucci: In Conversation With CEO Janie Schaffer.

When: Sunday, February 25th
Time: 1:15 pm
Location: The Store Studios,
180 Strand, WC2R
22-25 February 2018

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