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G-Star Raw Denim Awarded For Their Eco-Sustainable Manufacturing Model.

G-Star Raw denim by rapper Pharrell Williams is most known for their cool pieces that stand out on the street. The brand attracts celebs like Jaden Smith, Rihanna and Gurls Talk founder Adwoa Aboah.

Rihanna in G-Star Raw denim in New York City.

They are also known for their consumer conscious design approach, specifically the denim fabric technique created in-house. G-Star Raw denim uses bionic yarn, a tech-fabric made from plastic water bottles taken from the ocean. And it has rightfully earned G-Star the sustainable design award.

Pharrell Williams’ G-Star denim awarded for design sustainability.

The G-Star Raw sustainable denim process is essentially an eco-friendly manufacturing model. G-Star uses organic and recycled cotton, along with bionic yarn made from recycled water bottles, and TencelĀ®, a new sustainable tech fabric, in order to minimize their impact on the planet.

G-Star RAW_2_31_5a844fb413ec01518620596

G-Star also has a transparent supply chain, the company publishes the names and locations of each of their manufacturing partners. The list was made public when G-Star launched the GSRD Foundation in 2007.

Through the GSRD Foundation, G-Star RAW works towards positively impacting the people and communities in the countries where G-Star products are manufactured.

G-Star RAW_5_0b_5a844f51093211518620497
G-Star Denim Spring 2018
G-Star RAW_6_22_5a844fd37fa911518620627
G-Star Denim Spring 2018
18-1 spring summer looks
G-Star Denim Spring 2018
18-1 spring summer looks
G-Star Denim Spring 2018

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