Pornhub’s “F*ck your Period” is a call to action and an initiative to help women through their period each month.

As reported on Highsnobiety, the adult video site says, “it’s a chance for us to help take some of the bite out of shark week by providing you with the perfect motivational material for some much needed sexual healing: Pornhub Premium. Because an orgasm a day keeps the Midol away.”

According to the video above, there are benefits to having an orgasm during menstruation, which is why Pornhub wants to encourage women to use its premium content in order to help alleviate the stress and pain periods can often cause.

Basically, you sign up to Pornhub and answer some questions about your period, which will then predict when Aunt Flo will next visit you and, once the time comes, you’ll have access to Pornhub Premium for the entirety of her stay.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the video above for proof.

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