Launches Miu Miu Campaign With Vanessa Hong, Tamu McPhearson and Gilda Ambrosio.

Influencers Tamu McPherson, Vanessa Hong and Gilda Ambrosio, dubbed the queens of street style, landed a special Miu Miu campaign with last month.

The three social media personalities, who have over 1 million combined followers on Instagram, modeled the Miu Miu cruise 2018 collection styled like fashionable race car drivers.

Vanessa Hong, The Haute Pursuit
Tamu McPherson, All The Pretty Birds
Gilda Ambrosio, The Attico

The full campaign, and a special Miu Miu merchandise discount, are now on for a limited time.


E-tailer Michael Kliger, the leader behind the famous brand, created in Munich in 2006, filed their fiscal year 2017 year-end with a turnover of 245 million and an increase in sales of 34% over the previous year.

Looks like they are moving full speed ahead.



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